Documentary about Coca-cola: food for thoughts!

Some while agro I wrote about a revealing documentary about the role of the food industry on today’s health. This documentary made by Jacques Peretti gives you much more understanding about the effects food have on your health. See:

Now I came across another interesting documentary. This one is named Coca-Cola, the secret formula and is made by Olivia Mokiejewski. During the January 8 documentary, journalist Olivia Mokiejewski explained that she was a longtime Coke drinker who grew skeptical after hearing reports about the soda’s potentially harmful effects. After not getting the answers she wanted through open-source channels, Mokiejewski bought shares of Coca-Cola in order to gain access to last year’s annual general meeting, during which she was filmed asking Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent where the corporation gets its coca from, and why, for example, it continues to put so much sugar in its drinks and use artificial-coloring agents.

In the documentary different experts share their point of view. This is very interesting as it is food for your thoughts about the effects of food (the ingredients) on today’s health. It not only effects Coca-Cola, but you can generalize the thoughts to many soft drink manufacturers or other food manufacturers.

I hope you enjoy the video. At least I did!

The documentary can be found at:


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