Michiel Floris Bio

Michiel Floris is Head Business Development & Licensing at Floris Veterinaire Produkten BV. This is a Dutch based GMP approved manufacturing company of veterinary medicines, healthcare products and feed supplements. Michiel Floris is in charge of Floris’ business development and licensing issues. Michiel Floris and his team have launched several successful new veterinary pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals in the European Union by starting up new partnerships with some major pharmaceutical companies across Europe. This resulted in over 20 new projects which are in the pipeline now.

Michiel Floris has a personnel interest in the contribution of a well balanced diet to general health. The human body is under oxidative stress from a variety of sources at all times. To combat this stress and damage the body utilizes anti-oxidants of all different varieties. Michiel Floris makes a special focus on the key nutritional elements which are part of the diet and play a major role in maintaining a proper health and in the prevention of illnesses.

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